TUI hip hop / graffiti crew was first founded in 1997. By primary founder Jack the Ripper. Two members of a street gang "96", Ripper and Twister, joined with graffiti artist Dope Fiend, and TUI was incepted. Jack the Ripper, Twister, and Dope Fiend became well known and sought out the most real and ill muthafuckas in town. They chose to put their name up in art on walls across the valley, and eventually from OK to Cali. Ripper incorporated Rap into the crew. Dope incorporated Drugs into the crew. Twister incorporated Violence into the crew. TUI Three. Out of control, unstoppable, and unbridled use of drugs violence and rap. This was the Formula. Fast Forward>>> The year is 1999 Ripper, Dope, and Twizter, have honed their skills in Rap, Graff, and Violence. All three can now freestyle, write, and are formidable in any arena. From this point on all three have numerous criminal charges and sentences. Fast Forward>>> The year is 2000. Twizter is in jail. Dope and Ripper commit to a Blood Pact, by cutting their palms and locking their hands together. TUI till we die. They began practicing out of body experiments with the use of drugs and meditation. TUI raps and tags have become exponentially more skillful at this point. Fast Forward>>> The year is 2001 Ripper is murdered in cold blood. He dies in Twizters arms.TUI lived on and thrived. It got bigger. It got Stronger, more Violent, and more hungry.Through incarceration, personal demons, and trials that would break lesser men. Through the loss of Ripper, and the brothers Wolfe, Josh, and Timber. Through all we have been reunited. And with the power of our dead homies, and the few left we


Dope Fiend and Hatchet McBrain